Saturday, April 11, 2015

When Will We See an End?

  Here we are yet again America. In my home state of South Carolina another unwarranted death dealt out by the boys in blue has taken place. A routine traffic stop gone wrong. It sounds like a broken record but sadly no resolution has taken place.  What went wrong? Who's to blame?
     First off I'm glad to see the victim Walter Scott's family asked that media whores like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson stay away.  They tend to stir up  a hornets nest instead helping find a resolution to the problem. Ferguson is still a mess today months after they were there. They need to put more emphasis on educating the people on how to interact professionally with cops. Not running might have prevented this incident and there would not be this world wide firestorm we have today about this N. Charleston incident but it shouldn't have led to death.
       Let's back track a little to last February when Ray Rice was seen pulling his then fiancee from an elevator in an Atlantic City casino. No one knew what went on inside, only that it wasn't good and that Ray Rice played a part in it. Ray told the local authorities what he did and  he was jailed, put on probation and entered into a first time offender program. What happened  next was the NFL and the Ravens levied a suspension on him for 3 games. But then TMZ released a video that would forever change how the NFL now deals with its players that are involved in domestic disputes and incidences. After viewing the horrible act committed by Mr Rice in the elevator he was indefinitely suspended from the NFL. Mind you the NFL and other sports as well have always had players that have committed such sinister acts but after seeing it on film it gives you a perspective that just makes you see just how awful the act really was. Consequently two other players Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson who were awaiting trials about their domestic violence cases were put on the Commissioner's exempt list and missed the rest of their seasons.  The NFL has taken a hard line on this topic but only after turning a blind eye for so many years. It took that riveting video to give a better perspective on how heinous the act was.
      Now to the April 4th shooting of Walter Scott.  He was a man who committed some crimes but nothing of the extreme violent variety.  But when you make questionable decisions you open yourself up for trouble.  So he has a DUI, and back payment for child support for several of thousands of dollars but not armed robbery,  drug distribution, rape or anything of that nature. So I imagine his demeanor is not one of violent variety but one of a man who doesn't want to go behind bars knowing he has some pending warrants. So the threat of going back to jail scared him into literally running for his life.
      So if he had stayed in his car would he be alive today?  Almost assuredly yes. But we also have seen cops mow down 12 year old Tamir Rice for holding a toy gun at a local park in Cleveland.  Or John Crawford in Beavercreek, Ohio who was just playing with an airsoft rifle in Walmart and was shot before he could respond to the command to get down. Some cops are too cowardly and never try to diffuse the situation even when no real threat exists. Talk first. He was believed to have a bench warrant out on him for child support. Unless he has a good life insurance policy there's little chance that he'll be able to catch up on his  back payments thanks to the killer cop. I feel some sorrow for the cop's family as well the stress of the situation and the fact his wife is expecting in the next few months. But trying to take a shortcut often gets in you in a into tight situations you can't get out of. This wasn't a split second decision, just a I'm too lazy to run or call for backup so I'll just shoot him. Forget about those people this suspect is  leaving behind. Mr Scott was a father, a son, an uncle among other roles,  but all Officer Slager could see was he's making me run too much.
    I know, I know more blacks kill blacks than cops do, but aren't they supposed to be held to a higher standard. In some cases deadly force is needed. Such was the case in January of this year in nearby Freeport,TX with Ronald Sneed who held his girlfriend at gunpoint. In this instance there was a chance he could seriously harm her so one of the responding officers shot him. But the cop was protecting the interest of a fellow human being and the story was corroborated with the girlfriend. Funny thing is once the blacks are caught they are convicted and sent to jail and are often given hard time in most instances.  Some even get the nasty needle. George Zimmerman didn't even get convicted for his obvious disregard of instruction from the 911 operator. We now see what kind of low life he is. Just like OJ he'll mess up again and get what's due to him. But these cops are repeatedly getting off with the same lines,  I was threatened.  I feared for my life. He reached for my gun. It happened so fast. 
      Oh, but now we have a video. Show of hands, who has ever seen an episode of Cops the TV show. There are countless episodes where someone evades the police officer and tries to run and usually they get caught by the initial officer or help from a backup officer.  In those instances the cops never fire a weapon unless the perpetrator has fired a weapon at them. It would be easier to take the shortcut and shoot the individual.  But these cops use integrity and apprehend their perps in a more sensible manner. Or maybe is it that the video is rolling so they know what not to do on camera.
       Mr Scott left the car he was in and ran to a park where the officer followed him and attempted to tase him. After that failed attempt Mr Scott and his apparent Usain Bolt like speed were too much for the officer. He ran again but this time instead of chasing him on foot he fired eight rounds at Mr Scott fatally wounding him and cuffing his hands on his then dead body.  He then goes to retrieve the taser and plants it beside the dead corpse. To set up his blatant lie, which had ran in the local paper as a struggle with Scott who reached for his taser and he then responded with deadly force. But unknowingly he was caught on video by an eyewitnes, who wanted to show the world the truth.                                                                     Every case is unique in some way but one can't help but wonder what if we had a video of Darren Wilson shooting Michael Brown or Trayvon's fight for his life. Would things be different? Unfortunately those in the grave can't defend themselves against public opinion. They are rendered speechless by being murdered. They themselves unarmed.

       But even with this video and blatant cover up is this enough to finally convict one of these guys ? The Eric Garner incident was on video and still there was  no conviction. If this doesn't get it done what will?  It just amazes me how James Holmes the Colorado movie theater killer and Jared Loughner the Arizona man who shot a US senator and killed 6 others ,are here still wasting tax dollars when they easily and justifiably should have been shot on sight by law enforcement for the mass shooting events they were involved in. But playing with a toy gun in Walmart gets you shot down like you're big game. Something is wrong and it's time to call on the one who knows all the answers. Jesus. We must treat each other with respect and live a life pleasing to God. No this may not end all that troubles this nation immediately, but the word says all things are possible thru Christ. Love thy neighbor and forgive. Let's move forward before there's more civil unrest. Let's not assume someone's exterior makes them any less human than another man. All lives matter, let God be the final judge.


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